Monday, November 24, 2008

I am catching up...

...with the rest of the internet world. I have my blog. Now I have finally opened a Flickr account. Now I just need to open my Etsy store, get a Facebook account, and for some reason, tell everyone everything I am doing on Twitter. But for now, here is the link for my Flickr account: For those of you who are even farther behind than me, Flickr is a picture hosting site. People post pics of anything and everything. It is actually pretty fun. Just type a search word in and you will get literally thousands of pics to look at. So far I really only have pics of work you can see either here on my blog or on where I sell my patterns. There are a few other pics, if you care to check them out. And over time I plan to put pics of lots more stuff I make (not just bead related) and more.

And speaking of selling my patterns... within the next week I plan to have it set up here on the blog that you can purchase my bead patterns directly from me. The benefits to this, you ask? I don't have to give the above mentioned site 45% of what I make. And the drawbacks? On you can download your patterns right away and get right to beading. If you buy from me you will have to be patient and wait until I e-mail them to you (until I get a better system set up in the future.) But to compensate you for the inconvenience I plan to offer the patterns at a discounted rate if you buy them from me (I guess that is another benefit! Yeah!) Turn around time will be no longer than 24 hours.

And just for fun, here is an early piece I made. It is a brooch made with bead embroidery with a ceramic cab. I made it for and wore it on my wedding day. My Mom gave me the cab. I just love the two birds. So romantic.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Catalogs and Sunshine... two of my favorite things

Craft Blogs - Blog Catalog Blog Directory

I have joined a blog catalog, A website where you can search for blogs specifically. You'll see off to the right on this page a small button asking you to rate this blog. Please do. You won't be taken from this page. Just choose a number (5 is the highest) and press "Go". The more ratings I get, the easier it is for people to find me on the catalog. If you click on the "rate my blog" you will be taken to BlogCatalog's homepage, which will make my rank rise even more as well as give you access to thousands of blogs. You can always press your browser's "Back" button to return here. Thanks!

Here is another of my beaded figures. I made it for my friend Dave for Christmas a few years ago. He loves orange. I called it "Butterfly Sunshine". Those are glass butterflies flying around the body. I also used various sizes of seed beads and sequins. The back was hard to capture as I was using a scanner. On the rear end is my signature bead. It is hard to see but there are two H's on it. I thought I'd share this doll, as I am craving sunshine. It has been dreary and rainy here in Wisconsin.



Otherwise I have been crocheting a lot, both for Christmas and to get ready for the coming frigid temperatures. I made myself a neck warmer that I can't wait to show off. It is like a scarf, but is short and buttons closed instead. I will post pics soon. As for the rest of my projects, I am bound to secrecy. I don't want to give away any Christmas surprises! But as soon as all has been revealed, I will share.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

I'll be wearing a smile for the next four years!

Well, I don't know about you, but I very happy about how the presidential election turned out. If you disagree, that's OK. I like all kinds of people. ; ) But for those of you that share my enthusiasm, here are two freebies to show it.

The first is that is giving away these really cool stickers featuring President-elect Obama. They were created by artist Shepard Fairey. You can get one sticker for free (including shipping!!!) or more for a small donation. And starting November 8, they will be selling prints as a fund-raiser for all their good work. Here is the link:

And as a bonus, I created a bead pattern based off the print by Shepard Fairey. It is free as well. I recommend making it using peyote stitch. It only has 5 colors of beads. A dark blue (recommended Delica beads color: DB 0277, amount needed: 8 grams), medium blue (DB 0167, 5 grams), red (DB 0723, 5 grams), medium gray-blue (DB 0266, 1 1/2 grams) and very pale blue (DB 1497, 2 1/5 grams). The pattern is 61 columns wide by 67 rows tall. I have not made this pattern myself, so I would LOVE to see it finished! Send me your pics and I'll post them (or if you're shy, just let me look... please!)

If you have trouble getting a large enough picture to work from, double-click on the pattern. It should open in a new window. Right-click over the picture and choose "copy". Then "paste" it in a document where you can drag the corners to alter the size. You can make it fit a full page. Then print. I tried this and it worked well for me. If you can't get that to work, let me know and I can send you a .pdf file.

Monday, October 27, 2008

I know I promised...

to post pictures of that wedding I went to. And I will. Unfortunately I discovered at the wedding that the batteries in my camera were dead. But my friend David took great ones and promised to share. He is just taking his time getting them to me. : )

Here is some new work of mine. The first are Queen Esther Earrings. They were named thus due to their regal color and the 24 karat gold beads. Perfect for Hannukah or as a way to show your faith daily. To purchase this pattern:
If you are not Jewish or have anyone of that faith to make those for, here are a pair inspired by Medieval architecture. Named Jeweled Quatrefoil Earrings. Quatrefoil is a Middle English word from the 15th century meaning a representation of leaves or a flower with four leaves or petals. This idea inspired these earrings. To purchase this pattern:

These earrings are special to me as they were the first piece of beadwork I made after my husband died. It took me almost 6 months to start beading again. The rose montees had been sent to me the year before by a friend for my birthday. I just adored them. One day, when I accidentally came across them, I was inspired again. I am so glad. I really missed beading.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Brrrr, it's cold outside!

It is 47 degrees F outside and getting colder by the day. Somehow my head has been in the sand and I have totally missed the fact that it is autumn and winter is quickly approaching. I haven't had my quilt or my winter coat dry cleaned yet. I am not sure where my gloves are. I still have my straw hats out and my wool ones packed away. I need to get moving. But instead of doing all of that, I have spent my time creating a fun pattern for winter. Not only is this bracelet cute and winter-themed, it helps out a good cause.

Have you heard about the declining numbers of polar bears? No matter what you may personally believe about global warming, it is a fact that the polar ice caps are melting and polar bears are dying because of it. Without the ice, the polar bears have no place to rest during their search for food and often die of exhaustion. An estimated 70% of polar bear cubs die before their 3rd birthday. Here is a great site to learn more about the problem:
Here is another site with fun facts:

One dollar of every pattern sold will be donated to Polar Bears International. To learn more about this organization and to make a donation, go to:

To purchase the pattern:

To see all the patterns I have for sale:

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Masquerade Wedding and New Pics

On Saturday I am going to a Masquerade Wedding. The rules are masks only, no costumes. Unfortunately I just learned of the wedding less than a week ago, so I don't have a lot of time to prepare. I don't have a mask yet. That is one of my tasks for tomorrow. I am going with my friend David. I'll make sure we take pictures to share. It should be interesting.

Here are two new patterns I posted tonight. The first is a beaded cuff bracelet with a pattern inspired by historical Greek designs. I made this bracelet when I was recovering from my surgery that I mentioned in my last post. At first I couldn't sit up for very long. So this bracelet was almost entirely beaded with me lying on my back and my head propped up on pillows. It is a elegant yet easy pattern.

Here is the link to purchase this pattern:

The second is an interpretation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. A great way to show your faith or your funkiness. A very popular symbol with Catholics and tattoo enthusiasts. Here is a great site to read about the history of the Sacred Heart:

Here is the link to purchase this pattern:

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sacred Healing Bag

Five years ago I became ill. Very ill. I had to have a hysterectomy to save my life. That was when I created this bag. I call it a talismen bag because inside it are objects of importance of me. The top of the bag is actually sewn shut to contain them and keep them safe, as opposed to an amulet bag which is open at the top.

This project was posted to the BeadWork magazine's website in 2006. It is free to download. Here is the link. I hope you enjoy making your own version!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy Birthday, Joanna!

Tomorrow is my good friend Joanna's birthday. Here is to a great birthday, Joanna!

I spent a few days celebrating with her earlier this week. We had a great time eating, drinking, buying beads, and having long chats. Here is a picture of her birthday present from me. She saw me wearing a similar bracelet and wanted her own version. She also wanted it to be the band of a watch. The pattern is from the October/November 2004 BeadWork magazine by Kathleen Kimball-Baker.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Busy Time of Year

I am always very busy during August and September. I volunteer at the Catholic boy's boarding high school where my Mom is the school nurse. There is lots to do to prepare for the new school year. I stock and inventory the infirmary and stored medical supplies. My point is, that is why I haven't posted.

Christmas is only 137 days away. Can you believe it??? Here is a pattern I have for sale that makes a beautiful Christmas ornament. You could also use it as a pendant, especially if you eliminated the head and wings. The netting around the donut alone is beautiful. Here is the link.

Just to brag a little, this design placed 3rd in 2004 Holiday Sensations contest (Ornaments division). : )

Saturday, July 26, 2008

I also like to make beaded dolls. So I thought I would start posting dolls I have made over the past few years. I was originally inspired to start creating these little beauties by the talented bead doll creators that meet at the BeadArt forum. Not only are these women (I personally haven't met any men, but I believe there have been ones that hang out there) wonderfully talented artists, they are also some of the best friends I have made on the web. Thank you to all of them.

Here is one of my earliest dolls.

Empress Fushia: front

Empress Fushia: back

Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy Birthday, Grandma!

Today is my Grandmother's 83rd birthday. I had the pleasure of spending the day with her and my Mother. I learned new stuff about my family. We had a great dinner at the restaurant where I had my first job (I hadn't been there in over 10 years.) I heard more than once about how many compliments she gets when she wears the jewelry I have given her. It was a good day.

So in honor of her, here is another free pattern. To download the pattern, go to, under "search" go to the list of designers and look for my name (Heather Hall). Have fun with it! Send me pics of how you use it and I will post them.

Sunflower Earring

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Free Pattern: Hello Kitty

I love Hello Kitty. I have no idea why. I don't usually care for childlike things. But Hello Kitty and her friends make me feel like my childhood should have been more of. Carefree and happy and fun and loving. So, to spread the joy, here is a free pattern for Hello Kitty earrings. I hope they make you happy, too.

Beads Needed:
1 gram DB 0351 Matte White Delicas
14 beads DB 0723 Opaque Red Delicas
4 beads DB 0010 Opaque Black Delicas
2 beads DB 1371 Dyed Opaque Carnation Pink Delicas
2 silver crimp beads
2 small silver jump rings
2 ear wires


Weave using brick stitch. The top silver bead (grey on the pattern) is a small silver crimp bead sewn on the earring. This bead is for running the earring loop through. I personally prefer this look to a ring of beads. But if you choose this method, you either have to use a jump ring between the crimp and the ear wire loop or you have to carefully turn the bottom ring on your earring wire 90 degrees with a pliers. Instead of it facing in line with the rest of the wire, the bottom loop will be perpendicular and facing outwards. Then you just string it through your crimp.

New Work

I probably should share some beadwork, since that is supposed to be the purpose of this blog. So here are five of my latest earring designs. All are made with brick stitch. None of them are for beginners. All of them are for sale at Search under the designers for my name (Heather Hall) to find these patterns as well as others including FREE ones. Enjoy!

Blue Flower Earrings Faux Silver Hoop Earrings
Hole in My Heart Earrings
Immaculate Heart of Mary Earrings
Ladybugs on a Leaf Earrings

Welcome to my blog.

I have finally decided to join the rest of the beading world and start a blog so I can share my work. My plans are to post tips and free patterns, discuss my inspirations and ideas, share pictures of my work, list good links that I find, and anything else that I am moved to write about. I hope you enjoy.

I should probably start with a short bio of myself so you can know who is writing all of this. My name is Heather Hall. I am 35 years old. I am widowed. I lost my husband of 13 years 10 months ago. His name was Kristopher and he was my best friend. I miss him dreadfully. I have a little terrier named Natty Jane and a cat named Miyu. I live in a small town (population 3,000) in North/Eastern Wisconsin in the USA. My immediate family all live here in the same town. About 95% of my entire family live within 100 miles of me. Unusual these days, huh? I studied Theology and Art in college and am still interested in both. I love learning about all religions and ways of honoring the Divine, though in my personal practice I am Catholic. Beadwork is my main outlet for my artistic expressions, though I also draw (with pencil, charcoal, and pens), paint (with oils and watercolors), create sculptures (with polymer clay and mixed medias), and do other needlework (such as crazy quilting, embroidery, ribbonwork, and crocheting). I also like to sew and design my own clothes. I am currently enjoying learning more about metalwork. I love to read. I love Japanese horror films. I love Indian food. For exercise, I swim laps at our local pool. I hope that helped you to know me better.

Natty Jane Sleeping 2006