Saturday, July 26, 2008

I also like to make beaded dolls. So I thought I would start posting dolls I have made over the past few years. I was originally inspired to start creating these little beauties by the talented bead doll creators that meet at the BeadArt forum. Not only are these women (I personally haven't met any men, but I believe there have been ones that hang out there) wonderfully talented artists, they are also some of the best friends I have made on the web. Thank you to all of them.

Here is one of my earliest dolls.

Empress Fushia: front

Empress Fushia: back

Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy Birthday, Grandma!

Today is my Grandmother's 83rd birthday. I had the pleasure of spending the day with her and my Mother. I learned new stuff about my family. We had a great dinner at the restaurant where I had my first job (I hadn't been there in over 10 years.) I heard more than once about how many compliments she gets when she wears the jewelry I have given her. It was a good day.

So in honor of her, here is another free pattern. To download the pattern, go to, under "search" go to the list of designers and look for my name (Heather Hall). Have fun with it! Send me pics of how you use it and I will post them.

Sunflower Earring

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Free Pattern: Hello Kitty

I love Hello Kitty. I have no idea why. I don't usually care for childlike things. But Hello Kitty and her friends make me feel like my childhood should have been more of. Carefree and happy and fun and loving. So, to spread the joy, here is a free pattern for Hello Kitty earrings. I hope they make you happy, too.

Beads Needed:
1 gram DB 0351 Matte White Delicas
14 beads DB 0723 Opaque Red Delicas
4 beads DB 0010 Opaque Black Delicas
2 beads DB 1371 Dyed Opaque Carnation Pink Delicas
2 silver crimp beads
2 small silver jump rings
2 ear wires


Weave using brick stitch. The top silver bead (grey on the pattern) is a small silver crimp bead sewn on the earring. This bead is for running the earring loop through. I personally prefer this look to a ring of beads. But if you choose this method, you either have to use a jump ring between the crimp and the ear wire loop or you have to carefully turn the bottom ring on your earring wire 90 degrees with a pliers. Instead of it facing in line with the rest of the wire, the bottom loop will be perpendicular and facing outwards. Then you just string it through your crimp.

New Work

I probably should share some beadwork, since that is supposed to be the purpose of this blog. So here are five of my latest earring designs. All are made with brick stitch. None of them are for beginners. All of them are for sale at Search under the designers for my name (Heather Hall) to find these patterns as well as others including FREE ones. Enjoy!

Blue Flower Earrings Faux Silver Hoop Earrings
Hole in My Heart Earrings
Immaculate Heart of Mary Earrings
Ladybugs on a Leaf Earrings

Welcome to my blog.

I have finally decided to join the rest of the beading world and start a blog so I can share my work. My plans are to post tips and free patterns, discuss my inspirations and ideas, share pictures of my work, list good links that I find, and anything else that I am moved to write about. I hope you enjoy.

I should probably start with a short bio of myself so you can know who is writing all of this. My name is Heather Hall. I am 35 years old. I am widowed. I lost my husband of 13 years 10 months ago. His name was Kristopher and he was my best friend. I miss him dreadfully. I have a little terrier named Natty Jane and a cat named Miyu. I live in a small town (population 3,000) in North/Eastern Wisconsin in the USA. My immediate family all live here in the same town. About 95% of my entire family live within 100 miles of me. Unusual these days, huh? I studied Theology and Art in college and am still interested in both. I love learning about all religions and ways of honoring the Divine, though in my personal practice I am Catholic. Beadwork is my main outlet for my artistic expressions, though I also draw (with pencil, charcoal, and pens), paint (with oils and watercolors), create sculptures (with polymer clay and mixed medias), and do other needlework (such as crazy quilting, embroidery, ribbonwork, and crocheting). I also like to sew and design my own clothes. I am currently enjoying learning more about metalwork. I love to read. I love Japanese horror films. I love Indian food. For exercise, I swim laps at our local pool. I hope that helped you to know me better.

Natty Jane Sleeping 2006