Thursday, February 12, 2009

A New Twist...

to my work lately has been using chains and doing more wirework than beading. Here are three pieces I am proud of.

Century Gothic 2008

Hydrangeas 2008

Flowers in Chains 2008

I want to start doing more metalworking and this has been a bridge into that. I can't believe how many tools I need for metalworking after 10 years of jewelry making. I would have thought I'd be nearly set. But up until now I have done only cold work (no heat involved). Adding heat requires a lot of STUFF. So I am slowly getting what I need and in the meantime learning all I can. It is probably better that way. If I bought everything I needed at once, I wouldn't know what to do with it all!

My Etsy store ( is doing OK. My custom embroidered handkerchiefs are popular. I will have new jewelry to add soon. I am also planning on offering my patterns through there, so if you are interested look for them.

I received my new business cards, which are swanky, if I may say so myself. As soon as I set up my scanner, I'll post a pic. Place an order from me (one that gets mailed and not from, sorry) and I will give you one. : )

I also put together a portfolio of my work. FINALLY. I have been meaning to do it for years. You can see an online version here:
I did the photo editing on my computer, then sent the images to printed as 4x6s. I keep them in a photo album meant for 4x6s along with an artist statement and some business cards. So far people seem impressed.