Saturday, November 8, 2008

I'll be wearing a smile for the next four years!

Well, I don't know about you, but I very happy about how the presidential election turned out. If you disagree, that's OK. I like all kinds of people. ; ) But for those of you that share my enthusiasm, here are two freebies to show it.

The first is that is giving away these really cool stickers featuring President-elect Obama. They were created by artist Shepard Fairey. You can get one sticker for free (including shipping!!!) or more for a small donation. And starting November 8, they will be selling prints as a fund-raiser for all their good work. Here is the link:

And as a bonus, I created a bead pattern based off the print by Shepard Fairey. It is free as well. I recommend making it using peyote stitch. It only has 5 colors of beads. A dark blue (recommended Delica beads color: DB 0277, amount needed: 8 grams), medium blue (DB 0167, 5 grams), red (DB 0723, 5 grams), medium gray-blue (DB 0266, 1 1/2 grams) and very pale blue (DB 1497, 2 1/5 grams). The pattern is 61 columns wide by 67 rows tall. I have not made this pattern myself, so I would LOVE to see it finished! Send me your pics and I'll post them (or if you're shy, just let me look... please!)

If you have trouble getting a large enough picture to work from, double-click on the pattern. It should open in a new window. Right-click over the picture and choose "copy". Then "paste" it in a document where you can drag the corners to alter the size. You can make it fit a full page. Then print. I tried this and it worked well for me. If you can't get that to work, let me know and I can send you a .pdf file.


  1. Yeah! I am happy for you and your fellow American. I am sure millions of people all over the world, including me feel the same way. After all he has a Malaysian connection as well :)

  2. I saw on the news people partying all across the globe. It is so nice for once for people to be happy about what happens in America, instead of scared or angry.


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