Monday, January 11, 2010

Things I Will Start Doing to Save the Planet: Recycle All Paper and Cardboard

OK, if I am going to list the things I won't do to save the earth, I figure I should actually make some changes that would help. So my first change is that I will start recycling all the carboard and paper that passes through my home.

You may be wondering why I haven't been doing that already. Good question. My reason is pure laziness. Though maybe a bit lazy than you may be assuming.

My apartment complex does not have decent recycling facilities. I have seen paper out there blowing away free in the wind. Not good. So it became easier to just throw it all in the dumper where it was safer to stay then to risk it blowing away in our horribly inadequate recycling bins.
Now I could fight an unwinnable war with the management of this building, but I like my sanity. Trust me, I KNOW it is unwinnable.

Instead I plan to collect my paper recyclables and drop them off on my parent's lawn the night before pick up day. Our recycling is paid through our taxes, so I won't be incurring any extra charges for my parents.

So, this will take a bit of extra effort on my part, but is completely doable.

As a side note, my parents only live about 1/2 mile away so the drive over there won't negate too much the benefit of recycling.

NOTE (January 26, 2010):

I have been collecting all cardboard and paper for 2 weeks now and it has it's ups and downs. My main problem is I don't have a system of designated containers to collect the stuff. For the first week it spilled over my kitchen table. Now I have it collecting in a cardboard box I can recycle as well. But I need a system. PLEASE tell me about your system in the comments section. I need ideas! The up side is that I rarely have to take out my garbage. Without all that paper and cardboard boxes clogging up my garbage bins, I have very little actual garbage. Now if only I can come up with a sanitary way to compost in an apartment with no patio!

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